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Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow Gel

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Whip eyebrows into shape, and give the illusion of thicker brows in an instant. This brow gel is your secret weapon for sculpting the perfect brow. Lustrous texture that enhances shape and shine.

  • Faultless finish
  • Available in clear, olive, and brown

Using Eyebrow Gel

  1. Choose gel according to your brow density: If your eyebrows are particularly sparse, opt for one of our tinted gels to help fill in the gaps.
  2. Use gel on its own for a clean, fresh look or over our brow booster or pencil to bring your whole look together.
  3.  Before applying, wipe off any excess gel using the lid.
  4. Start brushing the gel across the inner brow, and move outwards, working with the grain of the hair. Hot Tip: Wiggle brush back and forth over the tiny hairs above your brow to create the illusion of length and fullness.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Zachery Little
Eyebrow gel

I like having something that is quick and easy to use. I have tried all of the ways of doing brows and simple just works best for me. This is nice and simple and I like it, it works well for me and my needs. It goes on well, I like the color and it stays well enough. Very easy to use, great product!

Sigmund Nader

This eyebrow gel is a good quality product and it doesn’t feel sticky or to thick. Easy to apply and helps me keep my eyebrows in shape all day long.

Arun Basu
Good product

Light hold and very strong pigment

Tari Salami
Eyebrow Gel

This eye brow gel is lightweight and waterproof. It lasts long hours.The clear color helps keeping hair in place and makes it less messy than the tinted ones.

Omolara Mogbadunade
Great for faking shape

I'm on a tight budget, so I've started doing my own brows, nails, etc. This worked well at shaping my brows to look like I've had them done. Nice mascara wand. Doesn't clump. Took several swipes. Stayed around 5 hours.